BPRS Trainers

Jeff Walsh

A recipient of numerous policing awards and medals (including the prestigious Prince of Wales Award Scholarship) Jeff Walsh has had over 25 years with both Australian state and federal police agencies.  He has had a diverse career, having worked in investigations, domestic and international tactical response, covert operations, surveillance, crowd management, police diving, and various uniform roles.

As well as numerous academic and management qualifications, Jeff has worked and trained with the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT, FBI Hostage Rescue Team, Los Angeles Sheriffs SWAT, US Marine Corps and US Army Military Police.  He has also given lectures for several departments of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Quantico Virginia, including the Behavioural Sciences Unit, Law Enforcement Training Unit and the Security Intelligence Operations Centre.  

Jeff brings a unique insight into dealing with verbal and physical conflict, managing stress and communicating effectively in high pressure situations.  His training combines the theory behind tactical communications and operational safety, with a comprehensive range of practical measures that will assist frontline staff and public officials in discharging their duties. 

A commissioned officer in the Australian Army, Jeff is a high level black belt martial arts instructor, and both a police service defensive tactics and physical training instructor.  Jeff is also a highly qualified musician, and perhaps most interestingly, an internationally touring rock guitarist!