BPRS Trainers

Bill Turner A.P.M

Bill is an internationally recognised expert and trainer in tactical communication, aggression management and self defence with a distinguished police career spanning 41 years in the United Kingdom and Australia. Bill has played an integral role in the design, development and delivery of a number of state and national situational safety and tactical communication programs. This included:

  • The National Police Guidelines’ regarding the “Use of Force“,
  • Queensland Police Service “Situational Use of Force Model” and operational “Good Practice Guides“,
  • The assessment product/guidelines for the Australian “National Public Safety Training Package” (Police), and
  • Provision of expert advice to Crown Law regarding the “Use of Force” and “Police Practice“. 


Prior to his retirement, Bill was the Manager of the Operational Skills and Tactics Program for the Queensland Police Service for 13 years. In recognition of his outstanding service to policing, Bill was awarded the coveted Australian Police Medal. An outstanding communicator and trainer, Bill has now branched into corporate training programs with a focus on Workplace Safety, Tactical Communication and Aggression Management. During this time his award winning Tactical Communication programs have assisted numerous local, state and commonwealth government agencies.

Skills and Experiences

Bill is an outstanding communicator with an unrivalled ability to engage, explain and demonstrate the practical nuances of tactical communication, aggression management and if required, self defence training for front line staff. Bill has the remarkable record of post attendee feedback of greater than 95% rating him as ‘Excellent’. This is in all areas of training delivery including Comprehensive Content, Relevant and Useful Activities, Relevance to Job and Presenter Satisfaction.


  • Bachelor of Teaching in Further Education and Training
  • Associate Diploma Reception/Physical Education
  • Diploma of Public Safety (Policing)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Teaching Methods for Police Instructors
  • Certificate II in Workplace Training
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training


Bills area of expertise focus on:

  • Tactical communication skills
  • Professional presence skills
  • Aggression management
  • Threat assessment and the reduction of workplace risk
  • Defensive and safety awareness