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Since 2008, Best Practice Regulatory Services has provided training and consulting services to over 70 local, state and Commonwealth regulatory agencies. Combining this ongoing relationship with extensive experience in the public sector, and a deep understanding of contemporary political processes enables BPRS clients to get positive results from government.

For over nine years, BPRS has proudly been the sole provider and delivery agent for Bill Turner’s Tactical Communications, Operational Safety, Situational Awareness and Aggression Management training © programs Click here.

We have succeeded in developing and delivering strategies to gain political and government support for complex and difficult projects – Click here.


BPRS – building capability, delivering opportunity.

Government Services


We have carried out major regulatory reviews for a range of government agencies.  We successfully researched international best practice and authored a Regulatory Impact Statement which led to the creation of a new national regulator.  BPRS is the leader in red tape reduction review and innovation.

For over nine years, BPRS has proudly been the sole provider and delivery agent for Bill Turner’s Tactical Communications, Operational Safety, Situational Awareness and Aggression Management training © programs – Click here


BPRS’ Government Clients

Through program engagement and review, training, workshops or conferences have included:


Business Services

BPRS provide services to help influence government policy and secure market opportunities that require public sector or political ‘buy-in’. We do this through improving organisational capability in three seemingly simple, but ultimately critical, areas of government engagement:

1. Strategic planning – what does success look like and what’s the plan?
2. Navigating regulatory pathways – how do we get there?
3. Gaining political, public sector and community support – why will it succeed, and what are the risks? How do we combine good public policy with good ‘retail politics’?

We facilitate contacts and foster government relationships without fanfare. This has enabled us to influence policy and secure government support at the highest level – achieving outstanding results for our clients. 

BPRS also has a unique capacity to assist organisations in meeting statutory obligations and negotiate issues of non-compliance.




BPRS’ Business Clients

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Tactical Communication, Operational Safety, Situation Awareness and Management training©


Best Practice Regulatory Services (BPRS) are leaders in the delivery of Tactical Communication, Operational Safety, Situational Awareness and Aggression Management training. Since 2008, we have trained over 4,000 government officers across a range of regulatory disciplines.

Our trainers are without peer, and this is reflected in the outstanding feedback statistics we have received from public sector participants. Greater than 95% of attendees rate this training as ‘Excellent’ in all categories – including relevancy to their role.



Our team are leading regulatory practitioners with former backgrounds as senior/executive officers in numerous areas of law. This core skill set is supported by tactical communication and operational safety experts, select business and IT analysts, post graduate qualified lawyers, project management and workforce planning consultants. 


Authorised Officers and Customer Services staff have a challenging role. Delivering legislative obligations or advice to potentially unhappy members of the public, carries heightened risk. Particularly if your work takes you into other peoples businesses, homes or to remote locations.  

Employers have a duty-of-care in providing staff a safe workplace, and mitigating workplace risk through appropriate training, and procedures.

Our training helps meet these obligations –  with staff more empowered, confident and safer.

1.  Learn to communicate assertively with influence.
2.  Promote professionalism and reduce risk.
3.  Manage conflict and potentially aggressive clients.
4.  Recognise and de-escalate a threatening situation.
5.  Learn about resilience and how to manage stress, anxiety and anger.
6.  Know how to recognise and withdraw safely when threatened with verbal or physical abuse.

1.  Ensure staff are properly equipped to handle conflict, aggression and stress.
2.  Reduce agency risk and adopt best practices in tactical communications and operational safety.
3.  Demonstrate to employees that staff welfare is paramount and that their difficult roles are appreciated.
4.  Support front line staff that routinely deal with unhappy, or potentially angry clients, to better meet workplace safety and health obligations.
5.  Reduce the number of conflicts, and complaints, from members of the public.
6.  Ensure your agency is a leader in delivering obligations and customer service.




BPRS also has developed and delivered a range of customised training services in investigations, compliance, advocacy, and expert witness training. 



“Very good. Knowledgeable with demonstrable experience in Aggression Management. Great training, informative & enjoyable.” – Engineering Compliance Officer, Gold Coast City Council


We have also delivered Tactical Communication Training at a number of Master Class Workshops across the country – with Federal, State and Local government representatives. 

Training venue: please note, ideally, the provided venue should have adequate room for attendees to move around in. Training will be split between sitting down (reading, discussion and theoretical exercises) as well as practical application.

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